Un-Holy Act: $2 million Dollar 18K Gold Tabernacle Stolen From Catholic Church In Brooklyn!

A tabernacle valued at $2 million was stolen from a Catholic church in Brooklyn recently as well as statuaries of angels flanking the church were beheaded at the same time, authorities claimed.

Power devices were utilized to “forcefully cut open” the church as well as gain access to the 18-karat gold tabernacle, the New York City Police Department claimed.
The burglary took place at the St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church in the Park Slope location at some time in between 6:30 p.m. Thursday as well as 4:00 p.m. Saturday, according to the NYPD.
The tabernacle goes back to when the church was constructed in the 1890s as well as “is irreplaceable due to its historical and artistic value,” the Diocese of Brooklyn claimed in a declaration. “The Holy Eucharist housed inside the Tabernacle was thrown all over the altar,” the declaration claimed. Posted BY PSmooth

2022-05-30 17:26:49