Regardless of what period of Hip Hop you create in, going far on your own isn’t very easy. Although the society might alter from one generation to the following, obtaining one’s first step can verify hard in a market that is searching for a particular “it” variable. Many times, we see deserving abilities overlooked as well as it might take some direct exposure from among their peers to achieve their luck.Β 

On his episode of Drink Champs, R&B expert Tank walked down memory lane as he discussed collaborating withΒ the late Aaliyah all those years earlier. He aided sing history vocals as well as worked together on her smooth jam “Come Over.”

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Aaliyah informed me, ‘You’re ready,'” claimed the vocalist. “You’re ready for this sh*t. And like, nothing valiβ€”” It was then that Tank quit to compose himself as he relapsed with feeling. “Nothing validates you more than a woman. When Aaliyah says ‘you’re that guy,’ that makes all the difference in the world.”

In May of in 2015, Tank caught up with Elle‘s Song Association as well as spoke about just how his enhancement to “Come Over” became.

“The song you hear me on, ‘Come Over,’ I just happened to walk in the studio that day. We were going to check on baby girl, and she was working with Johnta Austin,” he said. β€œAs soon as I walked in, she said, ‘Tank can do it,’ Johnta said, ‘Tank can do it,’ and I was like, ‘Tank can do what?'”

Check out the clip from Tank’s Drink Champs episode listed below.

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