Man Disguised As A Woman Tries To Ruin The Most Famous Painting Known As The”Mona Lisa”!

It was instead uncommon when a man disguised as a woman gotten to Louvre Museum in #Paris as well as attempted to ravage Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting, #MonaLisa. Reportedly, a man disguised himself as a senior woman as well as went into the Paris gallery in a mobility device. Onlookers were shocked when the man embarked on the chair as well as tossed a cake at the painting. Not just this, however records assert that he additionally attempted to damage the bulletproof glass safeguarding the painting to trigger extra extreme damages.

The intents of the man, that is declared to be an environment lobbyist are still unidentified. As per the video clips as well as images that have actually gone viral on social media sites, the man after smearing the painting with cake screamed in French: β€œsome people are trying to destroy the earth, think of the earth!” In enhancement to this, he additionally sprayed roses prior to the protection intruded as well as knocked the man to the ground.

While the painting did not appear to have actually withstood any kind of reported damages, the viral images as well as video clips reveal the reduced glass panel being smeared with cake Posted By PSmooth

2022-05-30 16:49:54