Lupe Fiasco has actually introduced that he is readied to teach a course on rap at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While maintaining information sparse, the rap artist introduced the strategy in an article on Twitter, Friday.

“I been holding this for a while. I’ll put together something more sophisticated later that really captures the nuance and gravity but for now I’ll just say it straight and raw: I’m going to teach Rap at @MIT,” Fiasco exposed in the tweet.

Lupe Fiasco, MIT
Chris Weeks / Getty Images

In action to a fan that charged Fiasco helpful trainees obtain a “useless” level, the rap artist terminated back in a since-deleted tweet, according to HipHopDX: “Syllabus isn’t built yet but I’m thinking its fruit to be had in looking at neuromorphic computation through the lens of Rap as a lossless data compression model with a dash of energy efficiency via refining Landauer’s principle applied to cytoarchitectonics. And some rapping…”

The news comes in advance of the launch of Fiasco’s newest album, Drill Music In Zion. He shared the cover art for the task throughout a launch day expose, previously today. The art work is carried out in a comparable design to his various other cd, Tetsuo & Youth. Be looking for Drill Music In Zion on June 24.

Check out Fiasco’s news listed below.