If finding out that your dad intended on affirming versus you had not been sufficient, Ksoo is currently challenged with what has actually been shared online. The rap artist is encountering a collection of costs, consisting of 2 first-degree murder matters, as well as we just recently reported that his dad, Abdul Robinson Sr., agreed to turn State’s witness. The set were apprehended back in 2020 after authorities declared they fired one more rap artist, Lil Buck, prior to getting away the scene as well as dedicating a residence intrusion.

The information of Sr. affirming versus his kid has actually ended up being a warm discussion in Hip Hop, as well as he just recently shared a social media sites message safeguarding his activities.

“If it was me and my Daddy (Shaka tip) in a situation like this, I would’ve been freed my daddy along time ago NO MATTER WHAT MY CONSEQUENCES WOULD’VE BEEN(no justification needed),” composed Sr. “Especially if he’s a good/great daddy(datpart) He could do more for me out of jail than in jail/prison!!!! WHO LEAVE THERE DADDY IN JAIL TO ROT??? ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU KNOW HE INNOCENT.”

Sr. proceeded, “I would’ve been stood up and said my daddy ain’t got a F*CK thing to do with nothing!!! You n*ggas and b*tches out in that free world talk that talk out there until its time to walk that walks FACING THAT LIFE SENTENCE!!!!!. #FreeGood/GreatDads #yeaiknyallnvrdo.”

People have not approved this description with open arms, as well as Sr. has actually been slammed for making use of the “good father” trope to protect his kid’s unavoidable destiny. Check it out listed below as well as allow us recognize where you base on this.