Is an honor program actually an honor program if there isn’t a closet breakdown someplace? Unfortunately for JT, she had a little bit of a blooper at the recent Billboard Music Awards as she and also other City Girls hitmaker Yung Miami existed the honor for Top R&B Artist. As they went out, JT really did not discover that her outfit rose ever before so a little and also it seemed she was blinking the target marketβ€”in the area and also in your home.

After going viral, JT guaranteed visitors that she had underwear on, and also in an extra current meeting with Complex‘s Speedy Morman, the rap artist confessed that she was humiliated by the blunder.

City Girls
Amy Sussman / Staff / Getty Images

“We strolled to [the] phase and also the initial individual we had actually seen was like, [Megan Thee Stallion].Β And she resembled, ‘Girl, your entire ***** was out!'” JT remembered. “I’m like, ‘Hm?’ ‘Cause I had no clue! She was trying to tell me while I was on stage, but I never looked down. She saw it and I kinda brushed it off like, ‘For real?’ Then, I went to my seat and just me and [Yung Miami] was speaking to everybody and then I checked my phone and I seen it.”

“I told Caresha, ‘That is so embarrassing,'” JT proceeded prior to giggling and also including that no person must inform Yung Miami “any of their problems.”

“She the type of person that make it worse! You know what she looked at me and said? I was like, ‘Oh my God, Caresha this is so embarrassing.’… I know I had on draws so, I said, ‘Caresha this is so embarrassing.’ She said, ‘Oooh. That is.'”Β 

Check out the clip of these 2 giggling regarding JT’s BBMA underwears minute listed below.