The City Girls aren’t attempting to inform the masses on the [light of the Black community, and they’re okay with that. The Florida duo have been lighting up the party scene with their releases from the inception of their careers, and they’ve given their dedicated fanbase a slew of favorites that are included in every City Girl Summer playlist. However, that hasn’t kept the ladies from becoming hot topics in Rap conversations as their talents are debated.

Several icons in the genre have co-signed City Girls and they’re a leading force on Quality Control Music’s roster, but their style and delivery have often been criticized. JT and Yung Miami caught up with Complex to discuss their careers and social media moments, and JT addressed people’s opinions about their places in Rap.

City Girls
Amy Sussman / Staff / Getty Images

In the clip from the substantial meeting, JT identifies that there are specific qualities in popular culture that were stemmed from City Girls.

“I feel like a lot of times, people tend to forget and try to discredit us and say we make bad music,” she claimed. “And I never, ever, ever feel like that. I feel like everything we put out is fun and is a bop. It’s not conscious rap, but I could definitely do a conscious rap. But I feel like our music is forΒ freedom and fun and partying and to make women feel good and to pop they sh*t.”

“So, a lot of people don’t say that it’s real Rap, but music is to express yourself.” We can just envision what an aware document from City Girls would certainly seem like, however JT just recently talked honestly regarding exactly how her job in prison shifted her perspective. You can have a look at their meeting completely listed below.Β