The initially trailer for Freddie Gibbs‘s very prepared for feature film debut, Down With the King, is right here. The Gary, Indiana rap artist shared an initial check out the job on Twitter, Monday.

In the movie, Gibbs plays a musician by the name of Money Merc as he reveals his retired life from the market as well as starts hanging around in a sectarian farming area.

Freddie Gibbs
Brad Barket / Getty Images

Down With the King is routed by Diego Ongaro, that co-wrote the movie with Xabi Molia. In enhancement to Gibbs, David Krumholtz, Bob Tarasuk, Sharon Washington, as well as extra will certainly star in the motion picture.

“I needed to give up being Freddie Gibbs for 6 months that I needed to be Mercury,” Gibbs informed Complex in 2014 while going over the motion picture. “There’s a lot of flaws that I have as a human being and as a man that I added to him to give it a little more sense of reality. Because I’ve been, not necessarily at the point where I wanted to retire, but wanting to quit with the music thing and just the way things are with the atmosphere, with the constant grind, trying to keep people entertained; that’s a difficult thing. You see a lot of entertainers commit suicide and turn to drugs. I’ve had my run-ins with drugs and mental health and things of that nature, so this was a good way for me to kind of put that on canvas without necessarily kind of talking about it to anybody. This movie was more therapeutic for me than anything, even with some of the music.”

Down With the King is being launched on-demand as well as via streaming on June 28.

Check out the trailer for Down With the King listed below.