EXCLUSIVE: Attorneys Attempting To Dump Kanye West With Newspaper Ads Get Judge’s Ruling

Kanye West won’t be seeing his name in newspaper ads anytime quickly—a minimum of none pertaining to the Greenberg Traurig Law Firm. According to court docs gotten by AllHipHop, United States District Judge Analisa Torres discovered Greenberg Traurig stopped working to make “diligent efforts” to situate Kanye West. Consequently, Torres refuted Greenberg Traurig’s demand to make use of Los Angeles papers to discover him. Instead, Torres recommended they employed a private detective to establish Kanye West’s location.


The law office did rack up a little triumph, nevertheless, as well as was given an expansion. Torres is currently providing till February 15 to appropriately offer Ye with the needed documents. The record was dated Tuesday (January 24), suggesting they have about 3 weeks to draw it off.

Have you ever before had a customer that was tough to speak to? You’re not the only one. Greenberg Traurig is claimed to have actually run newspaper ads to suggest Kanye West of a Withdrawal Order:

Greenberg Traurig submitted the demand recently, saying: “Publication of the Withdrawal Order’s contents in two Los Angeles-area newspapers, where Kanye West appears to reside, will also apprise him of the Withdrawal Order. Given Ye’s public status, publication of the Withdrawal Order will likely garner significant media attention, resulting in broader publication and provide an even greater likelihood of apprising Ye of the Order.”

Greenberg Traurig was standing for Kanye West in his lawful fight versus Ultra International Music Publishing. In December 2022, they requested an expansion to offer West after dropping him as a customer. The attorneys required to offer Ye prior to proceeding from a copyright violation legal action versus him. Torres given Greenberg Traurig’s activity to take out as West’s guidance on November 30, 2022. Torres additionally advised the law office to directly offer their ex-client with a court order by December 13, which they obviously might’t do.

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