The We In Miami Podcast is recognized for its amusing as well as amusing discourse. Touching on warm subjects like partnerships, stars, as well as anything Miami-relevant, the program produces weekly episodes with various panel visitors.

In a clip from an honest program, a visitor remembers a minute she invested with, the only, Chris Brown. When the host, Slim Stunta, positioned the concern, “How many girls do you think Chris Brown has smashed in his whole career?” the female chipped in by stating, “I ain’t gone lie, I’m not cool with him.”

She took place to confess that she cooled with the singer-songwriter when as well as remembered his activities. “He just kinda said, ‘B*tch if you ain’t f*cking or s*cking, get the f*ck out.'”

Not differing with Breezy’s device, the co-host mentioned, “A lot of people think the lyrics in the songs are fake… they’re telling the truth.” He took place to reference a popular line from CB’s tune “Strip” in which he sang, “If we ain’t freakin’ we ain’t speakin’. You think I’m playing? No I’m not.”

He proceeded his position by supplying an additional instance, “When French [Montana] say, ‘She ain’t buss it open, call the Uber back.'”

The visitor host additionally raised a comparable experience he’s had. “I’ve had girls removed from a party because they lied to me and said that they were DTF… then they wanted to act regular.” 

In the subtitle of the clip published to Instagram, the podcast mentioned that CB’s manufacturer verified that this is exactly how star celebrations function. 

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