She has actually never ever diced words as it relates to exactly how her sibling, Bobby Brown, is represented in the media, and also Leolah Brown Muhammad has actually returned. Next week, A&E will ultimately premiere their much expected two-part docudrama, Biography: Bobby Brown. We have actually been covering highlights and teasers of this forthcoming reveal, however it was just recently shared that A&E has actually prolonged its collaboration with the songs symbol to include his very own family-centered fact collection, Bobby Brown: Every Little Step.

To aid advertise their brand-new ventures, Brown and also his spouse, Alicia Etheredge, just recently overtook INDIVIDUALS to go over the low and high they have actually experienced with each other. Etheredge and also Brown fulfilled back in the 1980s and also had a decades-long relationship prior to obtaining with each other after Brown split from Whitney Houston.

“Bobby and Whitney were their time,” claimed Etheredge. “I also came from a place. So knowing that he loved hard and came out the other end and somehow we were meant to be and found each other again, that’s what I focus on.”

The fact program will certainly additionally accentuate Brown’s children, 3 youngins that he shows Etheredge, and also 2 grown-up youngsters. There will certainly additionally be discussions concerning Bobbi Kristina and also Bobby Brown Jr.’s fatalities, which is something that does not agree with the vocalist’s sis, Leolah. On Facebook, she penciled a pungent declaration concerning Etheredge and also it’s clear there is no love shed.


“Don’t you all think Alicia speaking about my niece Bobbi Kristina & my nephew Bobby Jr. Enough is a dam NUFF of the fabricating currently, she claimed. “Bobby Jr was not also admitted his very own dad’s house BCS of ALICIA! And I have a dam witness that he had no place to enter LA BCS Alicia would not allow him remain in his very own dad’s residence! Oh yep, I’m gon inform the dam reality and also Shane that adversary. I NEEDED TO FIND SANCTUARY FOR HIM AND ALSO SEND OUT HIM CASH BCS HE HAD NO CASH FOR FOOD SO QUIT THE DAM EXISTING ALICIA! AND ALSO TRUST FUND THERES EVEN MORE!!!!”

“Oh no your not escaping this YOU ARE PHONY AND ALSO FAKE!!! And THE reality is coming so you can do whatever pleases you sweetheart however it will not assist you. When the globe figures out the reality concerning you it’ll stop all this bull crap your attempting to establish on your own. I’m so fed up with you clog demonized wicked monsters around my sibling. You all preyed on my brother because the first day…and also currently he wed you recognizing he needs to not have. And quit informing individuals that you were with my sibling prior to Whitney. He never ever wed you after that BCS you were a groupie like I claimed.”

Leolah also stated that no matter how much her brother loves Etheredge, she will always have an issue with her. Read through her post in full below and watch teasers from Bobby Brown’s new reality series.

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